Cleansing and Make-Up Remover Pads (Pack of 20 rounds)


At Naturally Naked .Co we have designed a pack of reusable and biodegradable rounds using bamboo and cotton fabrics. After testing out a few different material colourways, we found plain white ones quickly became grubby over time, even with careful hand washing and machine washing.


This has led us to recreate a diverse colour and textured range, which would suit all skin types, so no matter how much make up you wear, these reusable rounds will clean your face and keep from looking grubby that little bit longer. All pads include a sandwiched layer of cotton flannel to help with product absorption and to add a soft cushion texture for your face.


Perfect for everyday use, to help get your face naturally naked in three easy steps.

Each of the four pads has five within the pack, we wanted to give you plenty of uses!


No.1 Use the black bamboo pad for heavy make-up or eye make-up.

No.2 Use either of the coloured cotton pads to remove make-up on the general face.

No.3 Use the bamboo toweling pads for a foaming cleansers or toners.


Follow with any creams and serums you would usually use.


  • 100 % Compostable
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Machine washable
  • Eco-friendly swap to wipes and cotton pads


All products are handmade in Dorset.


We recommend rinsing and hand washing the product after use and leaving to dry somewhere flat. The pads wash in the machine with colours similar, within the handy muslin bag they come in. If you’re looking for an all over face cleansing cloth check out our facecloth.

Cleansing and Make-Up Remover Pads

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