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Welcome to Naturally Naked

We are Tanya and Tom, both conscious consumers with passions for cooking, travel and gardening. Tom (the tea boy) started his career in The Royal Navy and is now working as a Safety and Environmental Manager. Tanya (the beauty and brains behind the company) has a background within fashion and illustration, working most recently running the production of a British sourced tweed clothing company.

Our origin story starts when I was recovering from an operation, I found myself in a bathroom with no washing tool and thought how wasteful I was being with my soap. It was quite hard to sleep, as anyone who has been through one can relate to (I’m also by nature a night owl - a creative brain maybe??) but I found myself awake late one night, asking myself- is there a completely biodegradable product, 3-dimensional in design that I wouldn’t mind on display in my bathroom?
With my background in pattern cutting and garment construction I devised a linen loofah blue print that would give me the 3D aesthetic shape with a more Earth friendly fabric.

Our aim is to create well designed, sustainable products, that don’t compromise on style and comfort, that have a circular lifecycle.

Perfect for when you’re Naturally Naked!

Soap it. Compost it. Possibly plant some tomatoes with it.

T&T x

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