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Delivery times maybe slightly longer due to the reduced Royal Mail service.

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products with a circular lifecycle 

ECO products

The Linen loofah

The handmade linen loofah is an ecofriendly, natural and sustainable body washing tool.   


The Cleansing MITT

The Cleansing Mitt has bamboo toweling on one side and soft cotton flannel on the other.


The Organic cotton pouf

The Organic Cotton Pouf is a netted, handmade cotton, soap lathering tool.


The Cleansing& Make-up remover pads

The Cleansing and Make-Up remover pads are eco-friendly swaps for wipes and single use pads.


The Facecloth

The Facecloth has a bamboo towering on one side and a soft cotton flannel on the other 


This is the first replacement shower pouf that I've tried, that actually works as a shower pouf! It's very well made, the cotton net is soft on your skin and it looks pretty in the shower! And the best part is there's no plastic and it's made in the UK! So pleased with it that I ordered two more for family members”

— Elizabeth, UK

“Luxury Facecloth- I love my facecloth! The more abrasive side is perfect for a bit of light exfoliation without irritating the sensitive skin. The other side is lovely and soft, perfect for removing cleansers ect. Nice to shed disposable wipes for something more eco friendly that's actually good!”

— Chloe, CA USA

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